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Post Febrero (V02) - Consejos para que un dormitorio parezca más grande

This makes the bedrooms look bigger.

We all dream of having a home that is as large and spacious as possible. And not only do we want it to be spacious, we also want it to feel that way through intelligent distribution and strategic decoration that makes the most of every centimetre and allows us to enjoy our home with more space, comfort and functionality.

In this sense, the work of architects and interior designers is crucial not only to make the most of the useful metres of a home, but also to achieve an even greater feeling of spaciousness and space. How do we achieve this? Well, today we are going to tell you some tips applied to bedrooms to make these rooms seem larger.

How to make bedrooms look bigger.

In the construction or renovation of a home there is a key aspect that is the distribution of spaces. As we told you in our previous post, a prior analysis to achieve an intelligent and appropriate distribution of the interior spaces will make the difference between two homes with the same buildable surface area. Because in addition to making the most of the spaces, it will make each opening seem larger so that it can be enjoyed more comfortably.

In the case of bedrooms, these keys never fail:

1.- Choose the right wall for built-in wardrobes.

These wardrobes are very practical, have a large storage capacity and, above all, save a lot of space that will make the bedrooms look bigger.

It is important to choose the wall that is least usable for other functions (the one that does not have a window or has a door nearby) and place them there. In addition, these wardrobes offer many advantages, such as not having to buy separate wardrobes and combining them with the rest of the furniture. Here you only have to worry about making them to measure and covering them with a quality material both inside and out.

Do you know what trick never fails? To make bedrooms look bigger, there is nothing like placing a mirror on at least one of the built-in wardrobe fronts. The mirror adds light and depth to make the room appear larger.

2.- Furnish with few pieces:

In some large bedrooms with a lot of space there are often more pieces of furniture than essential. Benches, boots, chests of drawers, chairs, dressing tables… end up giving the impression of being in a much smaller space than it really is. That is why, as a general rule, it is not good to overdo it in this room, on the contrary, it is preferable to opt for few key pieces…

To make bedrooms appear larger, it is best to furnish them with the bare essentials: bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers and, at most, an armchair. You can even consider placing some of those headboards that act as bedside tables, as they are a great solution to avoid the presence of large pieces and gain space. Few pieces, well

well distributed and with good lighting will make a bedroom seem much more spacious and comfortable.

3.- Enable large windows that must be left free:

If you are still in the design phase, insist to your architectural firm that the bedroom has large windows (and if they can be large windows, so much the better). And objects should never be placed in front of them if you want the bedrooms to appear larger.

Ideally, the space in front of the windows should always be left free because it will provide a greater sense of space, light and space. In addition, it will create an effect of depth and perspective that, at least from the point of view of perception, will make the room seem larger.


As you can see, it is all about having a global vision of the room to get the most out of it. And at gHouse we can help you to design, reform or reorganise the rooms in your home and make them seem larger and more comfortable to use. Count on our team of interior designers in Mallorca to make the most of your home