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Reasons for contracting an integral interior design project.

Maybe you have bought a new house. Maybe you are thinking of renovating the one you have to give it a new layout. Maybe you just want to give your home a new look by making changes to its structure and decoration. Perhaps a new member of the family is arriving and you need to adapt the space…

As you can see, there are many reasons that can lead a person to give their home a “makeover”, something that can be done by hiring different professionals and acquiring pieces of furniture separately or by going to an architecture and interior design studio.

It is clear which option we are going to recommend from gHouse, but always accompanied by reasons that justify why hiring professionals to carry out an integral interior design project will always be much better.

Reasons to contract our comprehensive interior design projects.

It is as common as it is wrong: the vast majority of homeowners and tenants make decisions about the structure and decoration of their homes in a personal and independent manner. In fact, in many cases, they are guided by impulses or by the pieces they see at a given moment.

Basically, what they do is detect what their needs are and they start buying furniture and accessories that satisfy them, provided that they meet their aesthetic tastes and combine with the rest of the home’s furnishings.

And be aware that this is a logical way of proceeding as they acquire the pieces that they need and that fit in with the style of the house and their personal tastes. However, as we were saying, this is not the best option and, in the long run, it is much more advantageous to contract an integral interior design project that is developed by professionals in the field of architecture and interior decoration. Why?

1.- Organisation and effectiveness:

Even if you are only looking to renew the decoration of your living room, an expert team will provide you with professional support that will save you a lot of headaches. For example, our team will take measurements and with their tools will find the best way to place the pieces so as not to break the harmony of the room or the established order, but providing that new air you were looking for.

2.- Saving time and worries:

Do you know what it takes to find and hire reliable professionals in each field, request quotes and coordinate their work? We can assure you that it involves a lot of time and also a lot of worries. Leaving everything in the hands of a team that carries out a comprehensive project will avoid all that. From architects to carpenters, electricians and plumbers. All the professionals coordinated under one command.

3.- Tailor-made personalisation and adaptation to your needs:

In decoration magazines you will see ideal houses. The problem comes when you want to adopt that aesthetic or that decoration to your home and you realise that it is not that easy. In many cases it is not because you need custom-made furniture, structures and coverings that only a comprehensive interior design project can provide. In our case, we have the staff to carry out customised carpentry work so that you can choose finishes, colours, materials… and above all, optimise and make the most of your space.

4.- Evolution of the project and quality of the final result:

Many times you buy a modular living room set and – surprise: it doesn’t look as nice as you expected. This happens because, after all, it is normal that you don’t take into account many aspects, from the light points to the general dimensions of the room. Hiring our team of interior designers in Mallorca will not happen to you because, on the one hand, we carry out a previous analysis of the interiors and a 3D rendering that will allow you to see a real simulation of the project before executing it. And secondly, because we have great experience and professionalism, and we offer you all the guarantees of quality both in the work and in the pieces we use to turn your home into that dream space.