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Renovar un local de hostelería - Interiorismo en Mallorca

New year, new interior design: keys to renovating a hospitality venue.

If you run a hospitality business and you are also one of those people who think “New Year, New Project“, this post is made for you. Why? Because our team of interior designers are going to tell you about the keys to renovate a catering business and start the year with a new look for your project.

The importance of decoration in the hospitality industry.

The ambience that a team of architects and interior designers is able to bring to a commercial premises can make the difference and be the key to its success.

In fact, today more than ever, the decoration of a restaurant, café, cocktail bar or any leisure establishment in general has become as important as its menu, its service or its location.

We cannot forget that when a person goes to dine at a restaurant or enters a wine bar, they are not only looking for a good product to be served: they are looking for a unique experience that makes them feel special. And in this aspect, the decoration and ambience of the establishment plays a fundamental role.

Do you think the time has come to give a twist to the decoration of your business to make it more attractive and welcoming for your clientele? Then take into account these aspects that we will tell you about today based on our experience in interior design in Mallorca.

Four key aspects to renovate a hospitality venue.

1.- Introduce plants as a fundamental part of the decoration.

The presence of abundant and wild vegetation has become one of the main decorative elements in hospitality venues. Moreover, after the pandemic years, leisure venues are aware that they need to appear more natural and more open to the outside world than ever before.

This has made plant elements such as large plants, vertical gardens, plant walls that separate rooms, hanging planters… a key element if you want to give a fresh and renewed air to your hospitality premises.

2.- Check the floors: they are more important than they seem.

Although it seems that nobody pays attention to them, the flooring of commercial premises has a great aesthetic power. And the best example of this is the proliferation of hydraulic tiles that have become a trend in hospitality premises in recent years.

These tiles form mosaics that make the floors become decorative elements in themselves, creating original atmospheres and contributing to making the space more attractive to customers.

Many hotel and catering premises in refurbished buildings retain the original hydraulic tiles for their great decorative value, others have introduced new ones on their floors and also as coverings for certain walls of the premises.

3.- The lamps provide design and distinction.

Lighting plays a key role in any decorative project. Getting the right lighting with stylish lamps can make all the difference in a hospitality venue and make one type of ambience or another predominate.

Today we see how hanging lamps are triumphing in the decoration of bars and restaurants, both designer lamps and vintage lamps, wrought iron lamps, neon lamps… It is the power of light to create unique atmospheres and designer venues.

4.- Optimise space and create different areas.

If you are thinking of renovating your premises, it is important to assess whether the space is well distributed or whether you could make the most of it. Many premises have opted to create different areas or atmospheres based on decorative and aesthetic elements.

For example, creating an area for wine and beers separate from another area for snacking is simple and you don’t need to carry out any building work or create different rooms: all you need to do is decorate each area with different elements, colours and lighting. It is essential in this case to have the advice of an expert team like the one that awaits you at gHouse.