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Advantages of contracting a turnkey architectural project.

One of the aspects that makes us stand out among the architectural studios in Mallorca is that we are one of the few able to carry out a turnkey architectural project. Or what is the same, an integral project that covers from the first sketch of the space to be built to the final delivery, fully equipped and decorated, ready to move in or to house a business.

Would you like to know the advantages of having a professional team that can provide you with this service from start to finish? Today we tell you about it.

Why contract a turnkey architectural project?

As we said, a turnkey architectural project is a comprehensive contract where a single company is responsible for all stages of the project, from the initial design to the final delivery of the work ready for use.

This way of working offers a number of significant advantages, especially for clients who save time, administration, worry and money. But here are some more details about these advantages that we would like to talk to you about today.

1.- Simplification of the process:

One of the most outstanding advantages of turnkey architectural projects is the simplification of the process for the client. By contracting a single company responsible for the entire project, the need to coordinate multiple contractors and suppliers is eliminated, reducing stress for the client who, for example, will only have a single contact person and a single quote.

2.- Single responsibility:

By having a single contractor in charge of the project, a clear line of responsibility is established. This means that any problems or setbacks that arise during the development of the project, or once it is completed, fall on a single entity, which facilitates the resolution of conflicts and avoids disputes between the parties involved, something that often happens when each supplier is contracted separately.

3.- Greater cost control:

Turnkey projects often offer greater certainty as to total project costs. By working with a single contractor from the outset, it is possible to establish a detailed overall budget and track costs more accurately through all stages of the project.

4.- Time optimisation:

The integration of all the phases of the project under the management of a single company allows for better planning and coordination of execution times. This can speed up the construction, whereas if you work with different suppliers you can have dead times, in addition to the consequent mess that comes with coordinating their deadlines. Avoid worries and delays with a turnkey architectural project.

5.- Greater quality and coherence:

As all the phases are under the same management baton, greater coherence is ensured in the design and execution of the work. This can be translated into a higher quality of the final product, as compatibility problems between different elements are avoided and a unified vision is guaranteed throughout the project.

6.- Ease of communication:

Fluid and direct communication between all parties involved is fundamental to the success of any project. In turnkey projects, having a single point of contact facilitates communication between the client and the work team, which reduces the possibility of misunderstandings and communication errors.


As you can see, a turnkey architectural project has many advantages, although for us, perhaps the most important is the peace of mind with which our clients live, knowing that they can leave everything in our hands.

Our multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and interior designers, as well as other trusted collaborators with whom we work, make us the best option if you are thinking of building or renovating a home or commercial premises in Mallorca. Count on gHouse if you are looking for an architectural firm that carries out turnkey projects.